Wiklund Trading International AB, has been the official Swedish importer of Yanmar since 2006.

Our target is to supply the Swedish market with knowledge, spareparts and good service to all Yanmar machines.

Yanmar produces today 17 models of mini-excavator and 6 models of dumpers.

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The founder Magokichi Yamaoka started Yanmar in Japan 1912 and the family is still the owner of the global company.

In the beginning Yanmar mostly produced diesel engines and is today one of the largest producer of small diesel engines in the world.

1967 Yanmar began to produce construction machines.

1968 Yanmar produced the first mini excavator.

1979 The first mini excavator with rubber crawler in the world

1993 first VIO-machine, VIO 50, was produced.

This is just a few examples of showing Yanmars innovative history,more info can be found at www.yanmar.eu

Yanmar is today one of the world’s largest manufacturer of mini-and midi-excavators. Yanmar is today represented in 135 countries.

Yanmar range 17 models of excavators from 0.6 ton up to 9.7 ton and 6 models of dumpers from 0.8-5ton.

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